Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's squish our fruit together

OK, so July 23rd, somebody has planned a "freeze frame" of Price Chopper!
What's a freeze frame?

Say you're attending here!

Meanwhile, check out some of the other crazy stuff Improv Everywhere does!

These people are so ridiculous! And AWESOME!
I'm thinking I should plan something like this!
Like, do the electric slide on the plaza. Or the thriller at Crown Center.

Peace, love, squirrel muffins

Monday, July 18, 2011


Well today is just sucky-suck-suck.
I don't mean the actual day itself. In fact, despite feeling weirdly sick, today I made brownies and nachos (not together) with Miki so that didn't suck. But the day itself, July 18th, 2011, sucks eggs.
The suckyness of it's day, in fact, is thanks to a tidbit of information my mom and Miki just had to share with me.
Today marks the day that we only have 1 month of summer left.
Time really has flown by so fast and slow at the same time. In school, time seems to drag. But it's funny how at the same time, the years go by like, bam. Seems like yesterday I was sitting in Mr. Hunter's Algebra class, 7th grade. Seems like yesterday I was in Mr. Walker's social studies, 8th grade. Seems like yesterday I was in Ms. Denker's social studies class, Freshman year.
Crazy to think we only got 3 more years left of life as we know it, then all my friends will move away and go to college or jobs and we'll be adults, you know, out there in the world. Not to be cheesy.
Odd how I'm completely relieved Freshman year is in my past now, yet sad too. Oh well. This time, we won't be the little kids on the campus! Nhehehe to all my Freshmeat friends, can't wait to see you! >:D
Well, I love summer. I love sleeping in and doing whatever I want. I love having no stress. I love having a free schedule. So you people wanting to back to school- you're nuts!!!!
Wish I could reverse. Summer's going by WAY too fast!
Meanwhile, songs that make me happy/think of Summer/drown out Miki's voice in my head telling me I have only 1 month left :)

Peace, love, squirrel muffins

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh Voldy, Voldy, Voldy...

The sorting hat says that I belong in Gryffindor!

Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name."

Students of Gryffindor are typically brave, daring, and chivalrous.
Famous members include Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus Dumbledore (head of Hogwarts), and Minerva McGonagall (head of Gryffindor).

Ah, yes, I've been getting in the Harry Potter mood in anticipation of part 2 of the Deathly Hallows coming out :)
Kylie, Samm and I will be going to the midnight premier. Can't wait!
Gryffindor's always been my favorite. But then again, most people are biased towards Gryffindor because the 3 main characters are in that house XD
The test above is 122 questions! It took a while but I loved my results:

100% Gryffindor- the house I belong in.
77% Hufflepuff
61% Slytherin
58% Ravenclaw

For you HP non-literates, in Hogwarts there are four "houses", kinda like SLMS's teams. When you first go there this talking hat is put on your head, and it tells you (it can read your mind and stuff) what house you should be in due to your personality and traits.
Gryffindor's supposed to be all brave but kind of naive, Hufflepuff's are the awesome partiers, a sort of mix of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw traits, Slytherin's are cunning and ambitious (and usually snobby), Ravenclaws are the smart ones.

You guys should take it too! XD Even if you aren't a big HP fan
Here's the test:
Since most of you guys aren't on blogger (you should be!) lol you can email me what you got.

Here's my own version of my "sorting hat" (what I think you guys would be in. If you're not on here, ask and I'll add you):

Kylie- Ravenclaw 100%

Bryce- Gryffindor 100%

Gaby- Hufflepuff 50%, Ravenclaw 50%
(This just in, Gaby actually took the test, this is what she got:
88% Hufflepuff, 83% Ravenclaw, 65% Gryffindor, 54% Slytherin LOL)

Miki- Gryffindor 85%, Hufflepuff 15%

Amanda- Ravenclaw 100%

Jenny- Ravenclaw 100%

Hollie- Hufflepuff 70%, Ravenclaw 30%

Kellen- Slytherin 100% lol

Dane- Gryffindor 100%

Meanwhile, if anybody wants to come with, me text me or something!!
We will be having lotso HP fun!

Peace, love, squirrel muffins


Saturday, July 2, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore

Topics for today:
- "Twister"
- Food ownership
- Driving
- Cool animals

Today is Saturday, and I just woke up at 6:43 P.M. cause I stayed up almost all night long last night and watched "Twister", and I still don't know exactly why. Every time the shot showed a tornado is made me cringe a little, naturally, being a Midwesterner, and the tornado graphics were awesome except for the cheesy lightning and thunder sound effects. Yet Bill Harding And Jo, the main characters, made me cringe more. The other storm chaser team members, "Dusty", "Rabbit", Laurence, Joey, Alan, "Beltzer", Haynes and "Preacher" and Jo's mom were awesome, fun characters. Couldn't help marveling (even if it was fake) how they just drove straight towards tornadoes. But the movie would have been a lot cooler if Jo would shut her whiny trap and stop being completely retarded. The entire movie she's still completely angsty about watching her father get killed by a twister when she was like 4. And She looks about 35. Also the fact that Jo and Bill seem invisible, miraculously surviving being directly hit by a tornado like 10 times throughout the movie, is extremely annoying.
And don't even get me started on how much I absolutely hate it when Hollywood tries to sound smart. For example, I cannot watch any movies about space/astronauts/NASA half of the time without getting completely ticked because of the scientific gibberish and stuff they spout isn't even right. This was one of those movies. Look, Jo. An F5 tornado is almost IMPOSSIBLE in a remote country area like you lived in, because one of the main factors in figuring tornadoes on the Fujita Scale is cost of damage to man made structures, as well as loss of life. So it doesn't matter if that tornado's winds were 600 miles per hour, if it was a remote enough area to only hit your house and some telephone poles, the highest it would likely to be ranked would be F2. Such was the case of the Seymour, Texas, tornado of April 10, 1979.
Oh, I could go on and on about this movie, cause trust me, living in Missouri has made me a mini-expert on these things. Such as: the storm chaser would be listing to the radio and it would say something like "an F3 tornado has touched down." F.Y.I., measurements on the Fujita scale are made AFTER the tornado has passed, so a news station wouldn't be able to instantly tell you what it was. Do some fricking research before you go and make a movie about stuff, Hollywood.

So, I guess it's one of those "classics" that most people "have to" watch. But in my opinion: don't waste your time. The only way this movie could be entertaining is if you get a bunch of your best sarcastic, wise cracking friends together- this movie is so easy to ridicule.

(Excuse cuss word above. I found this hilarious)

There are certain unspoken rules of my household.
If it's stashed in the back of the cabinet, in their room, or in a container marked "MINE" in the fridge, it's somebody's that is likely trying to hide it from everyone else. Hence: Don't touch unless you want to lose a finger or two.
If it's health food crap, it's my parent's. Any kind of energy bar is my dad's. Pillow case full of Halloween candy is mine. Leftover spaghetti is a free for all.
But when somebody makes their own friggin macaroni or a batch of cookies, chances are, you should ASK before eating.
Which is why I just finished off a rather tasty Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell.
I think Dane has learned his lesson to never touch my macaroni :) (my mom made him go to Taco Bell and buy me dinner cause he ate mine)

I practiced driving today for the first time since... like... January.
It was okay, despite my mom screeching in my ear every three seconds, and my left foot's tendency to want to push the brake.
Hey, at least I was able to end it by parking perfectly :)
My mom made me make a deal that in order to get a pilot's license, I had to get a driver's license first. So I am trying. Even though I hate it XD

Red Panda (above) and Maned Wolf(below)

Dane's friend Brian says Red Pandas look retarded. I beg to differ.
Isn't that thing freaking adorable? :) It reminds me of Cokes :)

Anyways, see that "fox on stilts"? That's a Maned Wolf. Their name is kind of stupid, though. Maned Wolves aren't wolves or foxes or hyenas. They're canine, but they have their very own genus. There's nothing else quite like them.
They have long elegant legs, huge ears and a fluffy scruff. They're one of my very favorite canines. In Dane's words: "WHOAH! Dude! What the heck is that?!" (really, look em up. Amazing photos. I'm considering making Max a Maned Wolf, since that's more accurate that wolf-fox XD)

Other cool canines:

The Dhole, a rare wild dog that can cluck like a chicken and form packs of up to 40 members:

The Australian Dingo, one of my favorite animals (the photo below was the inspiration for Max), was believed to have originally been domestic dogs brought by the first settlers who escaped and evolved, now thousands live wild:

The adorable Bat-Eared Fox:

The hilariously ugly Tibetan Sand Fox

And check out this freakishly JJ like fox:

Well I hope you had fun learning about the wonderful world of canines :)
Meanwhile, if you didn't, you can entertain yourself by watching this old man break it down:

Peace, Love, Squirrel Muffins


Friday, July 1, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday

Now there's TWO evils put together- Rebecca Black and McDonalds! GASP!
And haha, I totally just made the Friday song start playing in your head, didn't I? BWAHAHAHA I FEEL ULTIMATE

Ah, yes, I know I'm a mainstream Rebecca Black and J Beibs hater. But I'm also an un-mainstream trashy-pop-that-is-destroying-music hater, so it makes up for that. I don't like Black cause she represents to me all the trashy, auto-tuned, talentless idiots who have poisoned music. Seriously- in the days of rock-n-roll, your favorite star ALWAYS sounded the same live as they did on the vinyl. That because back then you had to work to get famous, you had to have musical talent as well as songs that actually meant something.
Today all you have to have is people to write the same stupid songs about "goin to the club", throw in some techo-ish beat and a crapload of auto-tuned effects, sing awful but fix it up in auto-tune, then smile and look pretty for the cameras.
Which is why me and only about 2% of the un-brainwashed teenage population listen to REAL music. *pumps fist in air*

So. Now that I'm done with my music rant...

Today is Friday! I'm going to TWO parties tonight because I'm so freaking popular. Actually, it's because when I was born the planets un-aligned or the space-time continuum was destroyed or something, cursing me with have bad luck for the rest of my life. Thus causing the only two parties I've had on my radar for some time to be on the same night.
But I'm still excited.

(Above: The catastrophic event that occurred when I was born. Ooohhh shiny....)

Oi. But I am a little tired, even though I slept in (I'm so freakin lazy).
Wish I could have not gotten out of bed, like this puppy:

This is a boring one.
I don't have much else to write, other than I have to vacuum, rake leaves, and pack. Woop-de-do.

Peace, Love, Squirrel Muffins